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About Lead Templates

Customize the colors of your app and predefine language, export and e-mail settings. Load the generated template file by scanning the QR Code from the website with the barcode reader integrated into Zetes Leads or send the settings via e-mail to your iPad.

Who will be working with Zetes Leads?

Please define one or more employees who will be working on the iPad.

What is your preferred language?

Zetes Leads is available in English and German.

What format would like to to use for the data export?

Leads can be exported as Excel sheets (for use in Excel or Salesforce) or as CSV. Visuals (business cards and scribbles) are always exported as JPG.

What do want your e-mails to look like?

Define your mails subject and body here. These are automatically added to your mail when sending a lead - both can still be edited before sending them, of course.

Do you want to send a second e-mail for each lead to your back office?

Define a back office e-mail address. Usually, mails to your customer are blind copied to your backoffice - but you may also send a second mail with the selected attachments instead.

Do you want the settings inside the App to be password protected?

You may want your apps settings to be extra secure and not being messed with. And if you do, you can set a password here.

What's your favourite color?

You can customize the colors the app uses to your liking and match them with your corporate design. That's all up to you.

Menubar - Background

Menu buttons - Highlighted

Menu buttons - Selected

Menu buttons - Deselected

Navigationbar - Buttons

What academic degrees do you want to choose from?

You may create a list of degrees to choose from. If you skip this step, the input field in the app for the title will turn into a normal text field.

What businesses do you want to choose from?

Same as with the titles - create a predefined (and extendable) list or use a normal text field instead.

We're ready!

Looks like we're good to go. Generate your personal settings with the button below and scan the barcode with Zetes Leads - or share the link.

Send e-mail

If Zetes Leads is installed on this iPad, you may long tap the created link and select "Open in Zetes Leads" to import the settings directly.